A scuola di Guggenheim is an educational program for schools of all grade levels in the Veneto Region, which started 21 years ago.

The program offers school teachers a series of multidisciplinary courses revolving around a selected number of works of art in the museum's permanent collection.

The courses, which are designed to highlight relationships and analogies between art and various areas of knowledge, consist of practical ideas and themes for classroom lessons. Classroom learning then culminates in a guided tour of the museum. These two phases build on the students' prior knowledge, facilitating an understanding of the works of art and encouraging closer observation, appreciation, and the development of critical thinking.

Admission to the museum, the guided tour, and the teaching materials are free for participating classes.
In order to participate in A scuola di Guggenheim, consult the educational materials and send a project description by December 31.

School groups that include blind or visually impaired students can request a tactile visit, led by a guide who is specifically trained in museum accessibility.

Further information:
+39 041 2405 430