Please note: It is your responsibility to obtain any copyrights or other permissions that may be required by third parties in order to publish the requested images.


General use: inside reproduction, color €80,00
Additional charges
Cover use 50%
Over 15.000 copies 15%
Over 40.000 copies 20%
Web, e-book, database, e-journal 60%
Worldwide 70%
Second language edition 20%
Third language edition 30%
Bilingual or trilingual edition 40%
Non-profit use / BA, MA Dissertations and PhD theses -65%
Museum use & scholarly publications -5%
Subsequent editions -50%

The normal turnaround time for reproduction orders is 2 to 3 weeks. Depending on the workload, some orders may be completed sooner. Some rush requests may be possible if approved by the Imaging Service Dept.

To start a reproduction order and receive an estimate, please contact us: