Thank you to everyone who has supported the Peggy Guggenheim Collection during these months.

I dedicated myself to my collection. A collection means hard work. It was what I wanted to do and I made it my life’s work. I am not an art collector. I am a museum.

Peggy Guggenheim, in Peggy Guggenheim and Her Friends (Milan: Berenice, 1994)

Thanks to everyone who promptly responded to our appeal, we achieved an important goal in that the museum never stopped and continued to offer culture and beauty.

Our staff has continued to enthusiastically plan new programs and, thanks to your support, has been able to carry on the museum’s educational mission through the numerous online activities designed for both an online audience and future in-person visits.

Your help is still essential today!

Support Art and be inspired

A donation to the Peggy Guggenheim Collection supports its stimulant programming and its conservation and restoration projects, giving the public an opportunity to enjoy the extraordinary power of art.

Together for Art, Culture and Beauty

The smallest gesture is important!

Donors will find their names on both our website and on a screen at the museum’s entrance as a way to acknowledge and thank all those who contribute to the campaign.

Support one of the most inspiring collections of modern art in Italy.


Together for the PGC. Together for Art.

Our heartfelt thanks to the donors who supported the PGC, including those who wish to remain anonymous.