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I dedicated myself to my collection. A collection means hard work. It was what I wanted to do and I made it my life’s work. I am not an art collector. I am a museum.

Peggy Guggenheim, in Peggy Guggenheim and Her Friends (Milan: Berenice, 1994)

ANISH KAPOOR for Together for the PGC

Anish Kapoor
Blood and Earth, 2020
Polymer gravure type etching on paper
Signed and numbered by the artist
Image 23 x 29 cm; paper 33 x 40 cm
© Anish Kapoor. All rights reserved, DACS/ SIAE, 2020

Anish Kapoor, renowned international artist and member of the Advisory Board of the Peggy Guggenheim Collection, is generously supporting the fundraising campaign Together for the PGC with a gift. He will offer a print of his to all those who will support the museum with a minimum donation of 5,000 euros.

Blood and Earth is a 2020 edition released in 150 prints. The print comes signed by the artist and is accompanied by a thank you letter from the artist himself.

I am happy to be able to support an institution like the Peggy Guggenheim Collection with my work, especially given my connection to the museum and a unique city in the world like Venice. The long period of lockdown caused by the Covid-19 pandemic has caused enormous damage to everyone, including the world of culture. Today it is our duty to help cultural institutions recover, thus ensuring that they are able to make their cultural treasures accessible to all again.

Anish Kapoor

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