The Power of Ideas. Re-imagining State-of-the-art Schools
The Power of Ideas. Re-imagining State-of-the-art Schools

Conference for the start of the 2022-23 school year

How is an idea born? What conditions favor its conception? Is it an intuition, a sudden flash of genius? Or is it the result of a logical and rational procedure through which information already existing in our brain is able to generate an innovative thought?

Interest in the development of ideas is extremely current even in areas of society that are distant from each other: we often speak about analytical thinking, which is vertical and concise, in opposition to divergent thinking, which is lateral and creative. The latter consists in an individual’s ability to solve a problem through a flexible way of thinking and through different, alternative, and original solutions. The mind’s cognitive ability to invent or create solutions through reason, imagination, talent, or inventiveness is generally defined as “creativity.” However, this term can often seem vague, imprecise, and sometimes reductive or inflated. Who really is creative? And how can schools stimulate the creativity of their students?

After the presentation of the museum’s educational proposals for this school year, five guests will illustrate their experiences in the world of education, which will serve to inspire teachers on the subject of ideas. The conference aims to be a chance to exchange thoughts and stay updated on innovative methodologies and good practices.

  • During the conference, the museum will present the new multidisciplinary courses which are part of the A Scuola di Guggenheim program. Materials and new teaching resources will also be available free of charge.
  • The conference will also be transmitted live on the museum’s YouTube channel.
  • A participation certificate will be issued to those participating in person.

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the speakers

Eugenia Ferrara, Deputy Director of Fondazione Golinelli, presents Scuola delle idee, the first STEAM secondary school in Italy.

Andrea Scibetta and Valentina Carbonara, founders of L’AltRoparlante, talk about their project, which aims to enhance the use of all languages spoken in classrooms as a means of fostering a democratic and inclusive learning environment.

Tommaso Salaroli and Edorado Bucci, creators of Scomodo, the largest magazine for under-25s in Italy, talk about their ideas, opinions, and hopes for the new generations that populate Italy’s schools.