The Blind Man: The Exhibition as You Have Never Seen It Before
The Blind Man: The Exhibition as You Have Never Seen It Before

Marcel Duchamp recalled that early in his career he began to use his mind rather than his brushes to avoid becoming a “pseudo-Cézanne.”

By abandoning the physical act of painting, Duchamp also aimed to sideline the act of visual contemplation and dissolve what he perceived as the “dictatorship of the eye.” Accordingly, in 1917 the artist printed the first edition of an eight-page magazine titled The Blind Man, as his contribution to the first exhibition of the Society of Independent Artists in New York the same year.
A year before his death, Duchamp admitted that what counted most about his readymades was not their visual appearance, but the fact that they existed. Do you agree?

During the event, four extra-ordinary cultural mediators will lead participants on a tour of the temporary exhibition, introducing an unusual reading of Duchamp’s readymades.
The event is free with museum admission and no booking is required.
On Thursdays, residents or those born in the City of Venice and students at Venetian universities are granted free admission to the museum.

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  • Free with museum admission
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