Sound on Stage
Sound on Stage

Workshop organized by the Accademia Musicale Giuseppe Verdi

In 1913 Futurist artist Luigi Russolo invented the intonarumori, first used on stage that same year at the Teatro Storchi in Modena, and the following year in various theaters in Milan, Genoa, and London. Less than 40 years later, composer John Cage premiered 4’33’’ (1952), composed for any instrument which must simply not be played for a duration of 4 minutes and 33 seconds. Countless experiments in theater sound were carried out during the twentieth century. In this workshop, families will experiment with creating their own theater soundtrack through traditional and avant-garde compositional methods.

  • Family Card members only.
  • for children aged 6–10.
  • Donation of 3€ per child.
  • Limited places.