Kids Day: The Colors of Words
Kids Day: The Colors of Words

On Sundays at 3 pm, free workshops for children aged 4 to 10 take place at the museum. Younger visitors are introduced to art in an accessible and engaging way, and are also given the opportunity to learn and explore various topics and experiment with different art techniques.

Lets get inspired by Bruno Munari’s “unreadable books” and discover the places that influenced the artists in the Peggy Guggenheim Collection. We will create our own art book, in which colors take the place of words to express our emotions. There is only one rule: let the colors of your imagination carry you away.

The workshop is organized is occasion of the 20th edition of the Festival della lettura. Libro che gira, libro che leggi: Distributori di Parole. Parole che scaldano, che sanno di buono, che raccontano, che guariscono, conceived and organized by Biblioteca Ragazzi BarchettaBlu.

  • Kids Days are free, but advanced online booking is required.
  • A brief guided tour of the museum is followed by an art workshop.
  • The workshop is in Italian. Interpreting into English or other languages can be arranged, based on the availability of the educators, by requesting it in the registration form.
  • Parents intending to visit the museum while their children participate in the workshop must purchase a ticket online or at the ticket office.
  • Guggenheim Family Card holders can register by calling Monday-Friday +39 041 2405429.

For more information:
+39 041 2405 444 / 401

  • Registration required
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