Peggy Guggenheim Collection.

Tim Marlow and Wilfrid Cass.

Edward Allington, David Annesley, John Atkin, Oliver Barratt, Glenys Barton, Zadok Ben-David, Hamish Black, Ivan Black, Willard Boepple, Jon Buck, Peter Burke, Anthony Caro, Ann Christopher, Terence Coventry, Stephen Cox, Tony Cragg, George Cutts, Grenville Davey, John Davies, Pierre Diamantopoulo, Steve Dilworth, Mark Firth, John Gibbons, Andy Goldsworthy, Steven Gregory, Charles Hadcock, Nigel Hall, Richard Harris, Sean Henry. Peter Hide, Simon Hitchens, Shirazeh Houshiary, Jon Isherwood, Allen Jones, Michael Kidner, Phillip King, Bryan Kneale, Danny Lane, Langlands & Bell, William Lasdun, Billy Lee, Liliane Lijn, Peter Logan, Jeffrey Lowe, Diane Maclean, Martin & Dowling, Barry Mason, Sally Matthews, Charlotte Mayer, Dhruva Mistry, Tim Morgan, Tatyana Murray, Peter Newman, Alastair Noble, Elis O’Connell, Zora Palova, Tom Phillips, William Pye, Marc Quinn, Wendy Ramshaw, Keith Rand, Peter Randall-Page. Michael Sandle, Lucien Simon, William Tucker, Marcus Vergette, Sheila Vollmer, Rob Ward, Richard Wentworth, Gillian White, Rachel Whiteread, Richard Wilson, Bill Woodrow.

Exhibition description:
Arguably one of the most comprehensive surveys of contemporary British sculpture ever exhibited, Thinking Big presented eighty-six small-scale works by seventy-three artists born in seven different decades of the twentieth century. Produced in a wide variety of materials, including marble, wood, bronze, photographic paper, rubber and resin, the works both reveal and celebrate the diversity and innovation of sculpture in Britain today. These models, or maquettes, for monumental sculptureswere displayed in the exhibition galleries within an innovative architectural installation designed by Alex Welch. Larger works were on view in the Peggy Guggenheim Collection sculpture garden: newly commissioned works by William Pye and Andy Goldsworthy. Tony Cragg’s monumental bronze sculpture entitled One Way or Another (2002), was installed on the museum’s Grand Canal terrace, thus joining other important works by British sculptors, such as Caro, Henry Moore, Eduardo Paolozzi and Barry Flanagan that belong to the Peggy Guggenheim Collection and the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation.

Exhibition organized jointly with the Sculpture at Goodwood Foundation.

Marlow, Tim, and Mengham, Rod. Thinking Big: Concepts for Twenty-First Century British Sculpture. London: Sculpture at Goodwood, 2002.

Library location: GUGG PGC 2002 .02, GUGG PGC 2002 .01.