The Color of Dreams
The Color of Dreams

“I dreamt I was dancing the tango with a raven with enormous wings. We were in a faraway restaurant, in the middle of the Amazon rainforest with liters and liters of orange juice.” By reflecting on the power of dreams, subjective unconscious and collective imagination, participants will experience the exhibition as a collection of extraordinary and unexpected revelations. During the workshop, the potential of the creative forces inherent to the act of drawing and the subconscious will offer an experience of art where real and surreal, dreams and desires merge magically into one another.

  • Workshop for young adults aged 16-25.
  • The workshop is in Italian.
  • Participation if free but limited to 15 participants.
  • Registration is required.

Laura Daniel is an illustrator that resides in Paris. Known for her Instagram account, @laura_disegna, she works with themes of wonder and imagination, translating the dreams of her followers into drawings and illustrations. For her “L’ Herbier Magique” series, she created an imaginary herbarium that contains plants with extraordinarily therapeutic and magical powers. In 2017, together with actress Lison Daniel, she created the Instagram account @les.caracteres, which displays a collection of hundreds of clips of humorous imaginary characters, created with the help of Instagram filters.