Surrealism Multilayer
Surrealism Multilayer

What exists beyond Surrealism? Together with the creatives at BigRock, we will attempt to exceed the confines of reality, and even move beyond those of Surrealism, by graphically manipulating Surrealist images through Photoshop. The workshop offers a moment to reflect on the mind’s creative force and our ability to generate alternative dimensions through the digital tools that are available to us today.

  • The workshop lasts two days: June 28-29, 9am-6pm.
  • Participation if free but limited to 15 participants.
  • Registration is required.

BigRock Institute of Magic Technologies is the largest school in Italy for young artists wishing to start a career in 3D animation, visual effects and music for films and television, concept art and digital illustration, and videogames and virtual reality. Today, 90% of film, TV series and videogame releases boast the name of BigRock in their end credits.