Pinched Pottery
Pinched Pottery

Workshop curated by the Associazione Bochaleri, Venetian Ceramics Artists.

Pablo Picasso became passionate about pottery as soon as he came across it, to the extent that he created over 4000 ceramic objects! During this workshop, participants get a chance to experiment with making hand-made pottery, using a technique known as “pinching,” used by Picasso among others. The resulting small vases will resemble human and animal forms in their shape and color, with the addition of handles and other sculptural elements. Every piece will then be turned to bisque and glazed in a final firing.

  • Family Card members only.
  • For children aged 6 to 10.
  • Donation of 3€ per child.
  • Limited places.


Six meetings for children and parents, discovering Venetian craftsmanship and stimulating creativity, manual dexterity, and the imagination.