Palazzo Maffei: The Birth of a Museum
Palazzo Maffei: The Birth of a Museum

Palazzo Maffei: The Birth of a Museum.

An online presentation, in Italian, of the newly opened Palazzo Maffei Casa Museo in Verona, Italy. Conducted by Vice President Vanessa Carlon Valerio.

In March 2019 Palazzo Maffei was inaugurated in Verona, the result of the restoration of the most important seventeenth-century building in the city and the opening to the public of the Luigi Carlon Collection. Palazzo Maffei presents over 350 works, including almost 200 paintings, about twenty sculptures, drawings and an important selection of applied art objects (antique furniture, antique glass, Renaissance ceramics and sixteenth-century majolica, as well as silver, ivory, wooden artifacts, pieces of oriental art, rare volumes), and a multifaceted exhibition installation. Also on view are an important focus on Veronese painting, Italian Futurism and Metaphysics, masterpieces of modern and contemporary art, and the great masters of the twentieth century: from Picasso to de Chirico, from Miró to Kandinsky, from Magritte to Fontana, Burri and Manzoni.

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Photo: Palazzo Maffei, installation view

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