Myths, Muses and Models: The Warrior and Fertile Mother
Myths, Muses and Models: The Warrior and Fertile Mother

The Warrior and Fertile Mother

“I didn’t have time to be anyone’s muse,” the artist Leonora Carrington once said. Being a female artist—asserting the power to make images rather than just inspire them— was already a kind of battle. In 1941, Leonor Fini painted a shepherdess-warrior surrounded by a sphinx army as an alternative to other Surrealist narratives about female power. Traditionally, fertility was emphasized as the foundation of matriarchal leadership, a concept we see in objects from Guinea and Nigeria now in the Peggy Guggenheim Collection, the same type of objects mined by Pablo Picasso and others for archetypal ideas. We will see how female artists created personal myths to challenge expressions of universal womanhood, with a complex convergence of multiple identities instead.

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