My Body Inside and Out
My Body Inside and Out

Workshop on the island of Certosa led by Isabella Moro.

This workshop focuses on the contact between children and their parents to encourage the rediscovery of touch, an indispensable sense for the well-being of the individual and for self-awareness in relationship to others.

Please note:
  • For Family Card holders only
  • For children 6-10 year old
  • Participation fee: 3 euro
  • First group 11:30 a.m.; second group 2:30 p.m.


In&Out is a series of three workshops for Family Card holders.
Each workshop will explore the potential relationships between internal and external, inside and outside, closed and open, inner reality and outward appearance, and private and public to gain a deeper understanding of how artists have conducted their own research and produced their works around the different variations of this interesting combination.

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