Landscape #3 – The Sky
Landscape #3 – The Sky

The 1960s ushered in a new phase of Edmondo Bacci’s artistic production, marked by experimentation with non-art materials through which he generated tactile as well as visual experiences. By mixing sand with colors, he was able to give weight to matter which seems to have been extracted directly from the crater of a volcano, or to have fallen from the cosmos.
The itinerary starts at the Planetarium of Venice on the Venice Lido, where participants will get a close-up view of fragments of cosmic matter, like meteorites, and contemplate the cosmos aided by a presentation organized by the Associazione Astrofili Veneziani. This is followed by a workshop led by Giulia Filippi taking place on the beach, in which participants will manipulate sand, a seemingly commonplace material which is however capable of generating “images of ultra-worlds whose depths are unfathomable.”

  • Participation is free.
  • The trip is led in Italian and lasts approximately two hours.
  • After registering for the event, participants will receive further information about the itinerary and where to meet.

The Planetarium of Venice is located in Askenazi park (ex Luna Park) on the Venice Lido, near Lungomare D’Annunzio. Since 1976 it has been managed by Associazione Astrofili Veneziani whose goal is to promote the study and understanding of astronomy in Venice and bring enthusiasts and scholars of this subject together. A nonprofit organization, it cultivates a passion for astronomy and is actively engaged in extending knowledge of complex scientific concepts to the wider public.

Giulia Filippi is a visual artist and a researcher in the field of education. After completing her degree in Visual Arts in Venice and Lahti, Finland, she enrolled in the "Vegetal Future, Plants, and Social Innovation" master’s degree at the University of Florence. Since 2006 she has worked with various institutions to promote educational programs that make use of artistic practices to create connections between fields of knowledge through practical experience.