La città infinita
La città infinita

Curated by Mao Fusina and realized thanks to the support of Il Gufo and with the collaboration of the Autorità di Sistema Portuale del Mar Adriatico Settentrionale, the workshop La città infinita will be held in the port of Venice, a few steps from Santa Marta, and will involve families in building a huge urban landscape.

The concept behind the workshop is that everyone, with the construction of their own house, begins to inhabit a city, creating relationships with the other inhabitants who thus become people with whom to share a part of their life.

Please note:
  • All participants must present an EU Covid Certificate (Green Pass) or equivalent certificate recognized by the Italian State to access the visit, with the exception of children under 12 years of age and visitors who are exempt from it.
  • Reserved for Guggenheim members, the families of employees of member companies of the PGC, the families of Il Gufo and the families of the Autorità di Sistema Portuale del Mar Adriatico Settentrionale.
  • The workshop will be held in Italian.
  • For children aged 6-10.
  • Limited availability .


Let’s Change the Future. Children of Today, Citizens of Tomorrow

Aimed at both children and their parents, the workshops will address the topic from a multidisciplinary point of view by introducing the approach to active citizenship, understood as the commitment and contribution of each individual in favor of the well-being of the community. Participants will follow an itinerary aimed at stimulating awareness of our daily life as part of a society to be built in an increasingly attentive, inclusive and peaceful way.

The workshops will address urgent and important issues for our citizens of tomorrow, such as the creation of shared urban spaces, environmental protection, and active participation in the community.

The workshops are reserved for Family Card members and Corporate members of the Peggy Guggenheim Collection, children between 6 and 10 years of age and their parents.

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