The Square of My Dreams
The Square of My Dreams

On the occasion of the thirteenth edition of Art Night Venezia, the Peggy Guggenheim Collection organizes a special workshop for children.

Join us for a journey through time and space exploring the mysterious landscapes that populate the galleries of the museum! Let’s start with the mysterious piazzas of Giorgio De Chirico, where unusual shadows suggest a place frozen in time between day and night, before delving into the subconscious mind with the cosmic dreamscapes of Yves Tanguy. We finish our adventure in front of the fantastical works of René Magritte, where the impossible is made possible… Let’s close our eyes and get inspired to dream up our own fantastical piazzas, where the possibilities are infinite!

  • Participation is free, but advanced online booking is required.
  • Parents intending to visit the museum while their children participate in the workshop must reserve a place online. Reservation is free, subject to availability. Booking opens Monday 17
  • A brief guided tour of the museum is followed by an art workshop.
  • The workshop is in Italian. Interpreting into English or other languages can be arranged, based on the availability of the educators, by requesting it in the registration form.
  • Guggenheim Family Card holders can register by calling Monday-Friday +39 041 2405429.
  • Registration required
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