Guided tour of the Anish Kapoor’s retrospective
Guided tour of the Anish Kapoor’s retrospective

A large retrospective exhibition of works by Anish Kapoor is on view at Palazzo Manfrin and the Gallerie dell'Accademia. The British artist is renowned for probing the limits and materiality of the visible world.
The exhibition presents seminal works from Kapoor's career and explores the development of his visual language. For the first time, his latest works created with carbon nanotechnology are on view. They keep exploring the liminal space occupied by an object between its physical presence and immateriality, what is present but at the same time absent, empty but full.

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Credits: Anish Kapoor, Symphony for a Beloved Sun, 2013, stainless steel, wax, conveyor belts. Dimensions variable. Photograph: Dave Morgan ©Anish Kapoor. All rights reserved SIAE, 2021

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  • Palazzo Manfrin and Gallerie dell’Accademia