Friends, Accomplices, and Lovers
Friends, Accomplices, and Lovers

Jean Cocteau envisioned his artistic practice as a means of living alongside his desires, staging them and celebrating them as a sort of diary of the here and now, a record of the impressions of a life spent trying to discover and understand the world.

Friends, Accomplices, and Lovers is an event organized and led by Luca Scarlini, author of A-Z Cocteau (2022). Scarlini’s presentation introduces Cocteau as one of the most influential and socially well-connected artists of the Parisian avant-garde. Renowned boxer Panama Al Brown, Georges Auric, Pablo Picasso, and Tristan Tzara are just some of the characters whose portraits by Cocteau testify to his broad network of friends. Alongside the nude portraits of Eduard Dermit and Jean Marais, such works give an insight into intimate relationships, important associations, and intense artistic affiliations.

  • Participation is free.
  • The presentation is in Italian and lasts one hour.
  • Book required. Place are limited.

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Luca Scarlini is a writer, theater and music playwriter, narrator, performance artist, and exhibition curator. Passionate about sharing his knowledge of art, he collaborates with numerous art, fashion, and theater museums. His recent books, which often explore art, include Lustrini per il regno dei cieli (2008); Sacre Sfilate (2010), which explores fashion in the Vatican; Un paese in ginocchio (2011), La sindrome di Micheal Jackson (2012); Andy Warhol superstar (2012); Siviero contro Hitler (2014); Memorie di un'opera d'arte (2014); Ziggy Stardust. La vera natura dei sogni (2016); Bianco tenebra (2017); Teatri d’amore (2017); L’ultima regina di Firenze (2018), Le vacanze dell’arte (2018); L’uccello del paradiso (2020); Rinascimento Babilonia (2020); Bompiani Story (2022); Cocteau A-Z (2022); Le streghe non esistono (2023), La vita è terribile e divertente. Vanessa Bell (2023).

  • Free / Registration required
  • Peggy Guggenheim Collection