Explore the Distance #intro 2/2
Explore the Distance #intro 2/2

Second introductory meeting to the workshop by Cecilia Jansson

the Workshop

The workshop will look at the technique of drawing and at the human body as one’s measuring instrument and limit. The social distancing of recent months has drawn attention to the external boundaries of our bodies. The very presence of a certain body/person can be life-threatening to some—and this is not a novelty—but the fact that a body, even your own, can present a threat for someone else is a new experience for most people. What happens when are forced to face the fact that we all live in bodies that are both mortal and potentially deadly? What can we gain from these experiences?

The workshop will focus on discussions and exercises and assignments to help participants process these current topics and be able to deliver their interpretations by creating large-scale drawings on paper. Techniques will include drawing, collage, and assemblage. One drawing per participant will be mounted and placed in Venice, either on walls or on the ground, like shadows, to interact with each other, with the city and its inhabitants.

Explore the Distance: Call to Action


• This meeting is open to all, upon registration, with no limit of participants.
• The meeting will be held in English.
• Indicated time refers to CET (Central European Time).
• High school students can account the activites as PCTO (Percorsi per le Competenze Trasversali e per l’Orientamento) time.
• University students can receive credits for the workshops provided an agreement with the university and the dean of the department.

the project

This workshop is part of the project Overcoming. Art Practices for the New Normal, organized by the Peggy Guggenheim Collection, with the participation of Swatch Art Peace Hotel. The project asks young artists to challenge their own practice by creating workshops which should become virtuous activators of community processes, and catalysts of actions to re-appropriate spaces and to redefine social paradigms.
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