Beyond the Wall: Art and Context
Beyond the Wall: Art and Context

Workshop with Alice Pasquini

the Whorkshop

The workshop will be an opportunity for reflection on urban transformation and recovery through the study of Street Art techniques and the elaboration of one or more works of public art. Topics to be discussed will include the practice of Street Art, which forms it takes, how its language evolved from the 1950s to today, and painting techniques for walls, such as stencils and the use of spray cans. An introductory, theoretical part will be followed by a practical one to familiarize participants with the techniques and working tools. Meetings will result in the elaboration of the ideas for the final work (either imaginary or digital), an artistic expression which will have to speak to residents, tell a story with creative public function.

Street Art is by its very nature social. It is visible to everyone and can convey messages. When it evolves into works that give new life to derelict places, it becomes a gift for the city. The workshop will focus on how to operate in the public context, including the fine line separating what is a legal or illegal practice. It will also discuss the technical problems arising out of performing in an urban context. Ultimately, the creation of a collective, regenerative work should serve as a stimulus for both civic responsibility and creativity, so as to bring participants to look at the public space from a different point of view, to study its possibilities through a project to be realized.

the artist

Alice Pasquini, aka Alicè, is a street artist, illustrator and set designer. She studied Painting at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Rome, obtained an MA in Arts Criticism at the Universidad Complutense, Madrid, and attended a course in animation at the Ars Animation School, Madrid.

Pasquini is a multifaceted artist experimenting with various techniques and media. She is one of the few internationally renowned female street artists. Her works range from small interventions on urban furniture to large murals. She is interested in narrating, among other topics, female vitality, and in experimenting unusual materials. She received international public commissions from governmental agencies in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Buenos Aires, Copenhagen, London, Marrakech, Moscow, Naples, New York, Oslo, Rome and more. In 2015 she created the first 3D experiment of Street Art in Ostia, Rome. Since 2015 she has been involved in the urban regeneration project of Civitacampomarano, near Campobasso, and since 2016 she has been the Artistic Director of the CVTà Street Fest. In 2017 she participated in a Ted Talk.

She has exhibited at the Saatchi Gallery, London; US Embassy, Rome; MACRO – Museo di Arte Contemporanea di Roma; Mutuo Centro de Arte Barcelona, Espace Pierre Cardin, Paris. Her work has been featured in the international press.

the project

This workshop is part of the project Overcoming. Art Practices for the New Normal, organized by the Peggy Guggenheim Collection, with the participation of Swatch Art Peace Hotel. The project asks young artists to challenge their own practice by creating workshops which should become virtuous activators of community processes, and catalysts of actions to re-appropriate spaces and to redefine social paradigms.
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