I hope that Art of This Century will become a center where artists will be welcome and where they can feel that they are cooperating in establishing a research laboratory for new ideas … in serving the future instead of recording the past.

Peggy Guggenheim, Comunicato stampa, Art of This Century, New York, 1942

Peggy Guggenheim’s statement continues to inspire our mission when the doors of Palazzo Venier dei Leoni are open to visitors. It has been like this for 40 years and must continue to remain so today, now that the museum is once again closed to the public.

Hilla Rebay, artist and first director of the Museum of Non-Objective Painting, the forerunner of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, believed that by contemplating art we can change our behavior. In this time of uncertainty and constant change, we have understood the therapeutic and soothing power of art, which has become a source of comfort and inspiration uniting us even from a distance. This is why “The Peggy Guggenheim Collection Comes to You” returns in a “reloaded” format with new and different content every day as we bring art and beauty to everyone, listen to your voices, and spend this new period of closure together.

Please experience the museum online via our website and our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube accounts. You will find lively Art Talks dedicated to the masterpieces and artists of the museum, short tutorials that bring Kids Day activities directly to your homes every Sunday, curiosities about lesser-known works in the museum, anecdotes about the artists most loved by our visitors, a history of the many exhibitions that marked the first 40 years of the museum and much, much more.

Let’s keep safe and connected, and allow ourselves to be inspired by art and beauty.

Here are our social media ideas:


“Did you know…”
Little-known anecdotes and curiosities about works in the museum collection or Peggy Guggenheim.


“5 Facts About”
Five short anecdotes about some of the public’s most loved artists at the PGC.


"Art Talk"
PGC interns present short, original videos which explore a work of art and its artist.


“40 Years in 40 Exhibitions”
The history of the PGC through its temporary exhibitions.


“My dear Venezia”
Current and past reflections on this unique and splendid city from those who love it.


“Learn with the PGC”
Artistic movements, techniques, languages, and styles: an art glossary through the works in the museum collection.


"Virtual Kids Day"
Educational activities for children continue remotely with tutorials on works of art in the museum collection.

Art & In Depth


A series of excerpts in Italian and English from Peggy Guggenheim’s autobiography which highlight her dedication to art in both Europe and the United States.


Browse videos of current and past exhibitions

Present Exhibition

Past Exhibitions


Do It at Home

Creative, hands-on opportunities for children to explore their creative abilities from home together with their family.

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