Creating value through ongoing commitment

The Institutional Patron is the highest level of our corporate membership program. This level offers companies the opportunity to develop a collaboration with the Peggy Guggenheim Collection which supports the museum’s programs and medium- to long-term goals.

Institutional Patrons play a vital role in the dialogue between art and business, by ensuring the growth of the museum for present and future generations.

The Peggy Guggenheim Collection is proud to count on the support of valuable companies that have chosen to contribute to its development:

Peggy Guggenheim Collection Institutional Patrons


Becoming an Institutional Patron offers unique benefits and opportunities to develop a communication strategy and social responsibility through art, to support educational projects that express cultural and social values, and to help the museum to safeguard its heritage for future generations.

By supporting the museum, your company contributes to:

  • Educational projects focused on culture, social responsibility and accessibility
  • Conservation of cultural heritage for future generations

By supporting the museum, your employees receive:

  • Free admission to the museum
  • Free admission to special programs organized for them
  • Free admission to the museum for all employees
  • Opportunity for free admission on specific days dedicated to sponsor employees, private tours and special educational workshops for children
  • Recognition of the company (name or logo) on all communication platforms and institutional materials of the museum
  • Specific web page on the museum’s website highlighting corporate sponsors
  • Company profile included as part of the museum’s press kit and with each exhibition, and recognition at opening events and press conferences
  • Exclusive benefits at each membership level for the duration of the contract
  • Pre-emption right as sponsor in museum projects that relate to the company’s mission
  • Participation in annual meetings between corporate members and the Director of the Peggy Guggenheim Collection
  • Access to a calendar of activities and cultural programs dedicated to corporate members
  • Participation in museum events and programs with other corporate members

Exclusive benefits for Ceos, Clients and Guests

  • Invitations for previews, press conferences and inaugurations of temporary exhibitions, special events, gala and institutional dinners
  • Private tours after hours
  • Private tours during museum opening hours
  • Use of the spaces of the celebrated home of Peggy Guggenheim for private corporate events
  • Special pricing for the use of spaces at the Guggenheim New York or Bilbao for corporate events
  • Complimentary tickets for the Guggenheim museums in Venice, New York and Bilbao
  • Guggenheim Art Pass which guarantees priority admission to modern and contemporary art museums all over the world
  • Personalized Corporate Cards which guarantee priority admission at all Guggenheim locations
  • Complimentary exhibition catalogues
  • Discounts in the Guggenheim museum giftshops and cafés
  • Mailing of the “Peggy Guggenheim Collection News” magazine

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