Art anticipates the future. ITAGO SGR invests in companies striving to realize it, in a sustainable way.

ITAGO SGR, independent manager of private equity funds, invests in innovative SMEs always looking ahead and has developed an approach to responsible investment aimed at identifying and evaluating the risks and opportunities of sustainability for each investment with the ultimate goal of generating value and positive impacts for investors and communities, in the present and in the future.

Artists anticipate the future, it has always been this way: the artist, a person with great sensitivity and vision, is a precursor and anticipator of the future, he sees and shows things that others cannot identify. Successful companies have a strategy aimed at continuous innovation, designing and manufacturing products and/or services that look to the future and especially to a sustainable future in the long term, in order to ensure the satisfaction of the needs of the present generation while creating possibilities for future generations.

ITAGO SGR decided to support the initiatives of Guggenheim Intrapresæ, not only to strengthen its indissoluble bond with Venice and its territory, but also because it believes that art and business inspired by sustainability criteria have undoubted common traits and characteristics and can speak and feed off each other, since art – and culture in general – are essential to the pursuit of sustainability objectives.