Arper supports culture and art for a beautiful and vital world

Arper is a global design brand, guided by the vision "A beautiful, vital World".
We operate with a constant commitment to sustainability, and we interpret social and cultural changes, in light of our experience and our values, to conceive furnishing solutions capable of creating harmony in spaces and relationships.

Sony HQ NY, NY, USA © Eric Laignel

Claudio Feltrin, President of Arper, affirms: "We have always believed that companies have an important social responsibility, we therefore want to contribute with a concrete gesture to the culture and the common good of society since I am convinced that our actions are influenced and influence the environment that surrounds us. We are an Italian design company and in Italy beauty is everywhere around us: in the architecture, in the landscape, in the art and in our cuisine. The invitation to join the Guggenheim Intrapresae network was therefore important for Arper, to contribute to the dissemination of knowledge and culture which are the basis for imagining and building a beautiful society in which to live, today and tomorrow.


Jean-Michel Basquiat: King Pleasure© - © Ivane Katamashvili

Amber Meeting Office, Xi’an, Cina © Tan Xiao | Ten Photo Studio

Briançon cultural center - Briançon / Francia © Renaud Araud