Allegrini wine: the power of emotions

The history of Allegrini dates back to 1854, when Giovanni Allegrini founded the company in Fumane, in the heart of the Valpolicella Classica region. Since then, a strong vision and profound commitment have transformed Allegrini into a point of reference for the wine industry for its consistency, innovation, and efficiency. The company has gradually become one of the most renowned Italian wineries and a leading producer of Amarone. Following the passing of Giovanni, his sons took over the business, continuing the family tradition and promoting the brand internationally.

In December 2023 the running of the company was taken over by the family’s 7th generation, Franco Allegrini’s sons Francesco, Giovanni, and Matteo, and their cousin, Silvia, daughter of Walter Allegrini. The new leadership believes strongly in evolution and progress, which it aims to achieve by focusing on the quality of the company’s product, centered on wine and its special terroir. Allegrini’s commitment to enhancing the value and promoting its home territory has encouraged it to develop the strong connection between its company culture and art by embracing the dynamic, innovative, and essential values of the Peggy Guggenheim Collection.