Terms and conditions for events organized at the Peggy Guggenheim Collection

Last update: August 2019



1. The Host may not display artwork in or around the PGC, or modify existing installations or displays. If the Guggenheim determines that any works of art must be relocated, or will require additional security, in order to safeguard them during setting up and during the Event, PGC staff will secure or relocate the work(s), and the Host will bear all expenses related to the security or relocation and subsequent restoration of the work(s) after the Event. The Host understands that these expenses will be in addition to the Fee.

2. All plans and production details for the Event (including, without limitation, set up, logistics, construction, equipment, plans for any special lighting and audiovisual systems and vendor/contractor delivery and pick-up schedules) must be submitted to the PGC in writing for the PGC’s review and approval at least 20 business days prior to the Event date. Any changes made to the approved production plan or schedule must be approved in writing by the PGC.

3. The Host agrees, after having completed a site inspection at the PGC with all proposed vendors and contractors, to notify the PGC in writing at least 60 business days prior to the Event date of its selection of all vendors and contractors who the Host will engage to work on or at the Event. All vendors and contractors are subject to the PGC’s approval and must work in coordination with PGC staff and comply with all applicable laws and PGC policies, rules and requests. If a vendor or contractor is not on the approved list it may not be admitted to the PGC. The Host shall provide to the PGC at least 15 business days in advance of the Event the names and contact information for the person it selects to manage the Event and for all vendors and contractors including all that will be working on the set-up of the Event.

4. Any Event-related construction or installation must be pre-approved in writing by the PGC and must take into account the safety of the building and the works of art contained therein, including the garden, and be respectful of the dignity and functions of the areas. Whether the construction or installation will be approved will also take into account the maximum number of people that the space can accommodate given the proposed type of set-up and the quantity and positioning of the furniture in relation to the PGC’s emergency exits.
In addition:

  • fixed or adjustable structures must be placed at a distance of two meters from works of art and at least five meters from the area where the ashes of Peggy Guggenheim are buried;
  • no installation may unreasonably obstruct the viewing of the works of art;
  • candles or flares (or similar objects) must be placed in a safe support to ensure that they cannot move or present a safety hazard; and
  • if it is windy, umbrellas, hoardings, screens or other objects which cannot be fixed securely to the floor, may not be placed on the roof terrace and the Host agrees to remove any such objects if requested to by the PGC.

The PGC reserves the right to modify the set-up, remove any encumbrances and move the furniture if the plan or set-up does not respect the rules governing the emergency exits. On the day of the Event the Host is responsible to conform with and set up in conformance with the pre-approved plan for the confirmed number of guests.

5. Advertising and/or promotional materials which the Host wishes to place inside the PGC must be approved in writing in advance by the PGC at least 15 business days prior to the Event date. No installations, logos or banners may be visible from outside the PGC (e.g., from the Grand Canal). The PGC shall not be responsible for, and the Host hereby releases the PGC from and will indemnify and hold harmless the PGC for any liability, loss or damage with respect to, failure to comply with applicable law.

6. Particular materials required for an Event can be delivered to the PGC on the day of the Event and stored on site within the PGC only with the PGC’s advance written approval. If approved, the Host is obliged to provide the PGC in advance with precise details concerning the time of delivery, the number and size of the packages to be delivered.

7. All materials, property and/or installations brought into the PGC by or on behalf of the Host, its contractors, vendors or guests, and all Event trash must be removed right after the event ends. The Guggenheim will have no responsibility or liability for items not removed at that time, and if not removed, the PGC reserves the right to remove these materials at the Host’s cost and the Host will indemnify and hold harmless the PGC for any related liability.



8. The Host must submit to the PGC at least 2 business days prior to the Event a complete list of the names and contact information of all guests attending the Event. The Host must also provide the names of two of its own personnel who will be responsible for accompanying and/or welcoming guests at the museum entrances. PGC staff will not be authorized to allow access to anyone outside of the presence of the Host’s authorized personnel or in the absence of the Host’s specific instructions.

9. For Events with a large number of guests, the municipal police may send their own security guards inside and/or outside the PGC. In such case, the PGC staff will provide them with access to the premises.



10. The cleaning service provided by the PGC involves cleaning the washroom facilities and museum area prior to the Event. No cleaning service will be provided during the Event. After the Event, the PGC will carry out the ordinary cleaning of the premises, after the Host has removed all Event-related property and materials.

11. The personnel of the PGC will be present during the Event in order to protect the artwork and premises and (if previously requested by the Host) to provide guided tours. All PGC personnel who assist in this capacity at the Event will report exclusively to the PGC events manager. They are not obliged to carry out work at the request of the Host other than any scheduled guided tours mentioned above.

12. The Host shall ensure that any contractor or vendor engaged by the Host to carry out work inside the PGC (and approved by the PGC) agrees to respect the building, the works of art and furniture therein, taking care to avoid placing equipment and supplies in such a way that would cause damage, or cause people to damage the building, works of art or furniture.

13. The PGC has designated Museum Café/Ai Gondolieri/Di.Gio’ Srl as the authorized caterer for all events on its premises. The Host may not use a different caterer unless it has been approved in advance in writing by the PGC.

14. The PGC has a kitchen on the roof terrace, which it will make available to a pre-approved outside catering service that agrees to respect the equipment and facilities provided. The Host shall require the outside catering service to clean the kitchen immediately after the Event. The kitchen for the museum café may not be used by outside catering services.

15. Transport of guests to and from the PGC must be arranged and agreed directly between the Host and transport company, and the Host is responsible for ensuring that the transport company is familiar with the conditions required to approach the side-landing pier at Palazzo Venier dei Leoni. No private boats may be left at the PGC without the driver in the boat. If the Host wishes to use the central access way, the Host acknowledges that a supplementary landing-stage must be installed, the hire and cost of which will be the Host’s sole responsibility.

16. The PGC’s electrical system can provide a maximum of 5 kw in triphase. If more energy is required, the Host must directly request an additional supply from the electricity company, at the Host’s sole expense.



17. The Host must respect the agreed upon start and end times of the Event, as specified in Exhibit A attached to the Agreement. In any case, an Event in areas accessed by the public may not begin earlier than 6:30 p.m. An extra charge of € 1000 plus VAT will be applied if the Event continues after 11:30 p.m. (which it only may do if agreed to in writing with the PGC at least one week before the Event) and under no circumstances may any Event continue after 12:30 a.m. After that time, PGC security guards will be authorized to clear the premises. The temporary exhibition space will be closed by 11 p.m.

18. Events held during PGC opening hours may only take place on the roof terrace and must not interfere with the museum’s normal activities or cause disturbance to the PGC’s visitors.



19. Use of the PGC name and photographs of artworks in the PGC are only permitted with the prior written authorization of the PGC, and the Host shall be responsible for securing any necessary third party permissions and shall indemnify and hold harmless the Guggenheim for any failure of the Host or the Host Parties to do so. The Host and the Host Parties are not authorized by the Guggenheim to use photographs or images of Peggy Guggenheim in connection with the Event and the Host shall indemnify and hold harmless the Guggenheim for any losses, damages or costs (including attorneys’ fees) attributable to any use by the Host or the Host Parties of such photographs or images.

20. Any material (e.g., invitations, promotional materials, and press releases) produced by or on behalf of the Host for the Event for the purposes of public distribution (including to the Host’s guests), whether in printed or digital format (including social media communications), must be submitted to the PGC for its advance written approval at least five business days in advance of publication or distribution. Subject to such approval, the Host may use the name “Peggy Guggenheim Collection” in Event-related materials solely to indicate the location of the Event, but the Host must not state, suggest or imply that the PGC is a host or sponsor of the Event.

21. No photography, video or filming may take place within the PGC’s gallery spaces. If the Host desires to take photographs, video or film elsewhere on the PGC premises, the Host must obtain the PGC’s advance written approval at least five business days prior to the Event date and the photographer or videographer must sign an authorization form provided by the PGC before taking any photographs or filming and agree not to use any photographs, video or film from the Event or taken while on the PGC’s premises for commercial purposes. The Host shall be responsible for clearing and securing all copyright, reproduction and other rights for any use by Host or any Host Party of photographs, films or video taken at the Event and agrees to indemnify and hold the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation harmless from any liability resulting from and costs attributable to a failure to clear and secure all rights and permissions. Vendors may not photograph the Event or set-up and shall be so instructed by the Host.

22. Any press or media coverage of the Event (including, without limitation, radio, television, print, web streaming or social media) must be approved in advance by the PGC at least 30 business days in advance of the Event and coordinated with the PGC’s Communications and External Affairs Department.



23. Musical entertainment, whether live or via audio systems, is only allowed with the PGC’s advance written approval, under specific agreed terms and conditions. Delivery, set up and/or rehearsal time will be determined in conjunction with the PGC. The Host and/or its vendors must schedule a sound check with the PGC prior to the start of the Event for approval of decibel levels. The PGC reserves the right to stop any type of musical entertainment if it causes a disturbance to neighbors and/or regular visitors.

24. Any audiovisual material the Host intends to display at the Event must be submitted to and approved by the PGC at least 20 business days in advance of the Event.

25. Audio transmissions must finish no later than 11.00 p.m.

26. The Host is responsible to securing all SIAE permissions and covering all related expenses.



27. The Host may only involve a sponsor in the Event if the Host secures the PGC’s advance written approval for such involvement at least 30 business days in advance of the Event. In the event that a sponsor is approved, any sponsor-related installations, materials and communications and all other visible references to the sponsor is subject to the written pre-approval of the PGC, which pre-approval must be requested at least 20 business days in advance of the Event.



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