Beginning April 28, the Peggy Guggenheim Collection reopens to the public six days a week with a special tribute to the Venetian and Veneto artists in the collection. We are happy to welcome you back to the museum!

Venice, April 26 - On Wednesday, April 28, the gates of Palazzo Venier dei Leoni reopen six days a week, from Wednesday to Monday, 10am to 6pm. Visitors must purchase tickets online through the museum’s website,, and select a preferred time of entry. Admission is limited in compliance with the regulations for the containment of Covid-19.
On weekends and holidays entrance is allowed only with online tickets purchased or booked (also via telephone, please call +39 041 2405440/419) at least one day beforehand as per government regulations. Members and visitors who receive free entrance must book in advance and indicate their preferred day and time of entry, either by emailing or calling +39 041 2405440/419 daily, 10am–5pm, except Tuesday. The Museum Shop located before the museum entrance is open daily 10am–6pm, closed Tuesday, while the Museum Café is from 10am to 5pm offering bar service only.

An updated installation of Peggy Guggenheim’s outstanding collection in the unique setting that was once her home awaits both returning and first-time visitors. With works by Edmondo Bacci, Tancredi Parmeggiani, Giuseppe Santomaso, and Emilio Vedova, the museum pays homage to the 1600th anniversary of the founding of Venice through the energetic forms and explosive colors of those who were the protagonists of the Venetian and Italian art scene during the post-World War II period. Guggenheim supported and collected these artists during the thirty years she spent in Venice and they represent an important link with the city. Alongside these paintings, visitors will find works by Marina Apollonio and Alberto Biasi, exponents of the Kinetic and Optical (Op) Art movements, which captivated Guggenheim during the 1960s.

The sculpture garden—the green heart of the museum now fully in bloom—presents Amphora-Fruit by Jean Hans Arp in the center of the main courtyard and in dialogue with the austere “women” by Alberto Giacometti, Standing Woman (“Leoni”) and Woman Walking. Witnesses to this dialogue are Tauromachy by Germaine Richier and Sphere No. 3 by Arnaldo Pomodoro, while Young Woman in the Form of a Flower by Max Ernst and Mythical Conversation by Pietro Consagra are installed near the iconic gazebo where Guggenheim used to have breakfast.

We are thrilled to welcome visitors back to the galleries of Palazzo Venier dei Leoni and offer them a little reprieve and beauty

“We are thrilled to welcome visitors back to the galleries of Palazzo Venier dei Leoni and offer them a little reprieve and beauty,” says Director Karole P. B. Vail. “The museum reopens six days a week and this is also thanks to our fundraising campaign ‘Together for the Peggy Guggenheim Collection,’ essential to ensuring the continuation of the museum’s activities, both remotely and in person. This opening is undoubtedly an invitation to our fellow residents, and of course to our loyal members and supporters, who have shown their proximity and support during this difficult past year, with the hope that the Italian and international public returns to Venice.” The campaign launched by the museum last July continues until June 13 to guarantee the consistent opening of the museum to the public, the many online and in-person (when possible) activities, as well as to support the conservation and restoration of the works collected by Peggy Guggenheim.

During the months of closure, the Peggy Guggenheim Collection continued to communicate remotely with the public through social media and many online activities, such as the online lectures, Under the Microscope, and the workshops for young audiences between 16 and 25, Overcoming. Art Practices for the New Normal. In May the museum will offer three online art history lectures in English by Ellen McBreen, Co-Curator of the Migrating Objects exhibition. The first lecture will be open to the public, while the following lectures are reserved for museum members.

Now it’s time to return to experiencing art and culture in person, savoring the intense beauty of timeless works, emblematic of 20th-century art. We look forward to your visit to Peggy Guggenheim’s home.