The educational workshops here collected are intended to support families in the daily activities of their children, especially at a time when schools are closed. They are designed for children 5-11 years old. They should be carried out with help of an adult, alternatively by the whole family!

Some workshops were created for the educational program for primary schools in Italy, Kids Creative Lab, a collaboration between the Peggy Guggenheim Collection and OVS.

I modificanti

Modifiers made in cloth of different colors and shapes, such as the Futurist ones here described, can be applied in various forms to your t-shirts.

La pelle delle cose

The cast of the surface of different objects is a sort of three-dimensional photograph of their skin. The resulting micro-sculptures can be worn as accessories.


Stencils can be quite helpful to create patterns to decorate pieces of cloth for your own accessories.


The basics of open stitch embroidery are a great start to create a colorful weave.


All you need to create your artist’s book are colored pieces of paper, a few tools, and your imagination!


Be inspired by works of Frank Stella and Sol LeWitt and create a watercolor based on four colors: cyan, magenta, yellow, and black.


It only takes a few tools and some manual abilities to approach the organic forms of Jean Arp.

Joseph Cornell's boxes

Let's build a of box of found objects.

Painting with Max Ernst

A geometric grid and a string are all you need to create two figures in the syle of Max Ernst.

Sculpting with Henry Moore

Some sculptures can be defined by curvy, rounded forms as some works by the British artist Henry Moore demonstrate. The workshop shows how to build such a sculpture.

Hundertwasser’s Stamps

The German artist Hudertwasser created 26 different designs for stamps. He is a source of inspiration for this workshop that teaches how to create a stamp.

Alexander Calder’s Stabiles

Create a stabile by using a cardboard box, glue, pencils, scissors, and acrylic paint.

Antoine Pevsner’s Sculptures

The transformation of everyday objects into sculptures.

Grace Hartigan’s Paintings

Be inspired by what you see out of the window and create landscapes with sharp and bold outlines.

Jackson Pollock’s Drip Paintings

The workshop is an invitation to experiment with Pollock’s painting technique.

Vasarely’s Optical Art

Create optical illusions by playing and juxtaposing different shades of colors.

Vasily Kandinsky’s Paintings

Music and everyday objects can help you paint a work of art.

Draw a Tree like Piet Mondrian

The workshop will examine how Mondrian developed the fundamental notions of abstraction starting from a drawing of a tree.

Irene Pereira’s Reflections

The workshop will focus on understanding and engaging with reflections thanks to the use of pieces of acrylic.

Sponges and Kazimir Malevich

The workshop will introduce the use of sponges of different sizes to create abstract compositions.

Paint a dream as Joan Miró would

The workshop will practice the technique of automatic drawing, a favorite of Joan Miró.

Discover Peggy’s Gates

Wire and acetate will help create a miniature version of Claire Falkenstein's entrance gates to Palazzo Venier dei Leoni.