Gino Severini


January 1914

In 1913 Severini traveled to the coastal town of Anzio, Italy, to convalesce. It was here that he was inspired to paint Sea=Dancer. The pure colors in choppy brushstrokes derive from Neo-Impressionism, which was still fashionable when Severini first settled in Paris in 1906. The technique gives fluidity and vibrancy to this joyous subject in which the dancer and the sea are fused—the dancer’s costume likened to the crashing of the waves. The sea cannot be contained within the image, and the waves lick the edge of the picture frame, bursting into the viewer's space.

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Artist Gino Severini
Original Title Mare=Ballerina
Date January 1914
Medium Oil on canvas
Dimensions 105.3 x 85.9 cm, including artist’s painted frame
Credit line Peggy Guggenheim Collection, Venice (Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation, New York)
Accession 76.2553 PG 32
Collection Peggy Guggenheim Collection
Type Painting

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