Peter Eisenman and Frank Gehry

Organized by:
The Solomon R Guggenheim Foundation, New York

Philip Johnson

"To my mind this exhibition," wrote Philip Johnson, "is a scene in which two contemporary iconoclasts engage in the classical confrontation between form and content. Seen in this light, the similarities and differences between the work of these two architects are all the more fascinating."

Peter Eisemann's Cincinnati Project consisted in consolidating four existing schools with new shared college facilities into a combined complex with additional program areas, a 350-seat auditorium, library, lecture and seminar rooms, administrative offices, a cafe, photo lab, and a gallery as well as additions to the existing studios, labs, offices, and a large, multi-purpose College Hall.

Frank Gehry's Walt Disney Concert Hall was designed to become the Los Angeles Philharmonic's permanent home, between the existing Music Center of Los Angeles and the Museum of Contemporary Art. The focus of the design was the 2,400-seat concert hall, whose interior and form are a direct expression of acoustical parameters.