A Gift for Peggy

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A Gift for Peggy

The Peggy Guggenheim Collection is grateful to those who have donated towards the acquisition of earrings by Yves Tanguy and Alexander Calder that once belonged to Peggy Guggenheim. These are not only tiny works of art—they are also emblematic of Peggy’s collection, which, in the history of collecting to which Peggy belongs, especially celebrated for its major holdings of Surrealism and Abstraction.

It is a pleasure to report that, with the generosity of friends and members, we have now reached our target for the Tanguy as well as for the Calder earrings.

Philip Rylands

The Story

Peggy Earrings

In June 2010 the museum has been offered the opportunity to purchase Peggy Guggenheim’s earrings: one pair by Yves Tanguy and one pair by Alexander Calder.

These have been icons of Peggy’s collecting ever since the inauguration of her historic museum-gallery Art of This Century in New York on October 20, 1942, when she wore one of each to show her impartiality towards Surrealist and abstract art.

Given the importance of this project members and museum friends have been invited to donate, not only to honor Peggy’s memory, but also to be part of a common project, whose significance goes beyond the intrinsic quality of the work to embrace a symbolic value bound to the memory of Peggy herself.

Image: earrings by Yves Tanguy (left) and Alexander Calder (right)

credits: Hangar Design Group