Open-shelf books
The open-shelf library contains over 12,000 volumes and are arranged in 10 sections of interest within the main topics of interest used by the collection's staff (map). Among these the most important are: the section of the Guggenheim museum catalogues from around the world and the Biennial catalogues Visual arts. More valuable books are kept in closed-shelf storage. The library is part of the National Library Service (since June 2005) and has been catalogued in the past thanks to a grant from the Veneto Region.

Closed-Shelf Depository
Arts and Architecture Biennale catalogues.
This collection consists of the visual arts Biennale general catalogues since 1895 as well as numbers of Pavilion catalogues since 1907.

Catalogues of Private and Public Collections:
Over 350 catalogues of international public and private collections.
The more precious volumes (approximately 1,000; autographed volumes, including dedications by artists, and limited editions) are placed in the closed-shelf depository.
Over 800 brochures (publications with less than 50pp.) Are stored in file alphabetically by artist-subject.

The collection receives undergraduate and graduate theses from about 20 students annualy on an aspect of the museum or its collection. The completes theses entersthe library museum as supplemental information for staff and interns, as well as for the public, through the library service: Document Delivery.
- Assistance for Thesis on the PGC; dowload the form pdf

Bbooks over 33 cm (176 units) are kept in a depository, but are available for research on the same day as requested.

About 100 documents (books, brochures, postcards, etc) comprise the results of educational projects at the museum, as well as examples of other international museums’ educational publications.

Editorial archives
The Peggy Guggenheim Collection preserves a number of copies of all its publications and related material.

* All collections, except for the editorial archives and a small number of open shelves volumes, have been catalogued thanks to the generous contribution of Regione del Veneto. Records are available through the OPCW.

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