The heart of our museum is not only its Collection, but also the invaluable people who dedicate their time and passion to sustaining it.

The approval and encouragement that our donors and members give us contribute greatly to the success of the museum.

You can contribute to the life of the collection in a number of ways.

A donation helps to fund the everyday functions of the museum.

Becoming a member will give you the opportunity to participate in events designed for ours supporters.

Supporting the Internship program will help many qualified students to start their career and enter into the job market.

Companies, Charitable Foundations and Institutions can sponsor our exhibition programs, linking their brand to one of the most prestigious cultural institutions in the world.

A testamentary bequest to the Guggenheim Society will ensure that your name will be bound to the collection for years to come. We can advice you on how to make your gift tax deductible.

Your support allows us to go forward in the pursuit of our Mission and to make the Peggy Guggenheim Collection a desirable destination for those who share our goals of cultural and intellectual growth. In return we offer you all of our knowledge and passion, to help you to benefit as much as possible from your participation.

credits: Hangar Design Group | foto: Andrea Sarti/CAST1466