The Advisory Board was created in 1980 as a high level international support group for the Peggy Guggenheim Collection soon after Peggy Guggenheim's death.
In 2011, after 31 years of his founding presidency af the Advisory Board, Peter Lawson-Johnston (Honorary Chairman of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation) decided to cede his place to his cousin Patrick, The Earl Castle Stewart, former Vice-President. Since June 2013 Princess Sibilla of Luxembourg has been nominated President of the Advisory Board.

The Board meets twice a year―once in Venice and once in some other cultural capital which the Board may choose: this was in 2015 London, during Frieze Art Fair, in 2016 Madrid, in 2017 Palermo. These meetings are the occasion for the presentation and discussion of the Collection's progress, plans and strategies, as well as for visits to exhibitions, private collections, monuments and museums.

The by-laws foresee a maximum of about 70 members―with additional Honorary and Emeritus members. Sub-committees exist to manage the business of the Board and to review other issues and questions submitted to its attention: for Membership and Investment, as well as an Executive Committee.
The chairman of the Executive Committee, Alberto Vitale represents ex officio the Advisory Board and the Peggy Guggenheim Collection on the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation Board of Trustees.

Membership of the Advisory Board is by invitation.


S.A.R. La Princesse Sibilla de Luxembourg

The Earl Castle Stewart
Peter Lawson-Johnston
Presidents Emeritus

Mimi L-J. Howe

Judith Ann Eisenberg
Honorary Co-Chair

Olga Adamishina
The Countess Castle Stewart
Michael P. Schulhof
Honorary Members

Maria Angeles Aristrain, Condesa de Biñasco
Christina Baker
Alberto Baldan
Ronald D. Balser
Adriana Batan Rocca
Renée Belfer
Anita Belgiorno-Nettis
Marchese Annibale Berlingieri
Giuliano Bianchi
Maria Camilla Bianchini d’Alberigo
Davide Blei
Ghislaine Brenninkmeijer-Van Putten
Lord Browne of Madingley
Ilaria Bulgari
Gaurav Burman
Ludmila Cafritz
Alick Campbell of Lochnell
Marco Carbonari
Giovanni Cotroneo
Pilar Crespi Robert
Isabella Del Frate Rayburn
Stefano Del Vecchio
Pietro Luigi Draghi
Ulla Dreyfus-Best
Gayle Boxer Duncanson
Robert T. Edwards
John L. Fiorilla di Santa Croce
Giovanna Forlanelli Rovati


Mary E. Frank
David Gallagher
Anna Goldenberg
Marino Golinelli
Ginny Green
Joana Grevers
Alfredo Gysi
Hans-Christian Habermann
Gilbert W. Harrison
Lisa A. Hook
Carola Jain
Leon Koffler
Linda Lindenbaum
Gaetano Maccaferri
Lord Marland of Odstock
Luca Marzotto
Valeria Monti
Count Mouravieff-Apostol
Peter W. Mullin
Guido Orsi
Anthony T. Podesta
Benjamin B. Rauch
Elizabeth Richebourg Rea
Joanna Riddell
Paola Segramora Rivolta
Inge Rodenstock
Beatrice Rossi-Landi
Jackie Donnelly Russell
The Revd. Alfred R. Shands III
James B. Sherwood
Massimo Sterpi
Carlo Traglio
Eleonora Triguboff
Melissa Ulfane
Francesco di Valmarana
Alberto Vitale
Ruth Westen Pavese
Peggy Yeoh Lee

Emeritus Members
Mary Bloch
Fiorella Chiari
Patricia Gerber
Kristen Venable

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