The Peggy Guggenheim Collection is offering a new calendar of events for all the family. One Saturday a month from OCTOBER 2014 to MAY 2015 will be dedicated to adults, teenagers and children.
Garage San Marco is once again generously beside the Peggy Guggenheim Collection with financial support, for an imaginative project in which art becomes an experience to be shared by all the family.
All members who sign up for the program will be given a special passport in which the youngest of the family will register their participation in the activities.
Activities are in Italian.

Advance booking required. Limited availability.
Participants under 18 will be grouped according to their age

pittore October 25: Painting with Light
Based on the show Ho un punto fra le mani,
theater workshop in collaboration with Tam Teatromusica
Peggy Guggenheim COLLECTION | GrOUP 1 | 4 pm

The workshop aims to make children aware of visual art in relation to digital painting, an innovative language that all the participants will experience. We will begin by watching a show, Ho un punto fra le mani, itself made possible by digital painting, a kind of uninhibited multi-sensorial game based on the art of Kandinskij. Going through the different parts of the show, children and parents can begin a dialogue with the point and the line, which exist both in space and create spaces, become energy, and symbols of the body in movement. Participants can paint abstract pictures in an explosion of colours.

pittore November 15: Histories of Boats
Visit to the Museo Storico Navale, Venice, and workshop
In collaboration with the Fondazione Musei Civici di Venezia
museo storico navale, venice | GrOup 1 & Group 2 | 3 pm

In a creative and entertaining way, the most typical, well-known boats constructed in Venice, and their diverse characteristics and functions will be presented at the Museum of Naval History, alternating between brief explanations, tales and interactive experiences.
Each boat, characterised by a different name, had a precise use, and was adapted for the particular environment of the lagoon. The extraordinary models of the galere or galeazze recount the histories about the wars for the maritime dominance, and the important commercial links between the Republic of Venice and the rest of the world. Meanwhile the faithful reconstruction of the last Bucintoro, the richest and most luxurious boat in the history of the Serenissima, revives the famous splendour and parties of the Doges.
Moreover sandalo, mascareta, puparin and gondola are the singular names most closely associated with the tradition of the boats of the lagoon, and are still widely in use today. They allow us to discover the secrets of construction, and the characteristics and curiosities linked to the art of navigation, and to the pleasure of being mobile within the intricate labyrinth of canals. And Peggy’s gondola has so many things to tell.

pittore December 13: Tell Me a Story
A pre-Christmas evening at Peggy's home
Peggy Guggenheim collection | Group 1 | 6:30 pm

Evening reading at the museum for Members and their families. The permanent collection will welcome children aged 4 to 10 and their families in a Christmas atmosphere. Seated on soft pillows we will listen to the wonderful stories written by the artists of Peggy. The event is in collaboration with Associazione Tema Cultura.
The workshop is in Italian.

pittore February 21: Peggy, What Would You Wear?
Visit to the costumes of Palazzo Mocenigo and workshop

In collaboration with the Fondazione Musei Civici di Venezia
palazzo mocenigo, venice | Group 2 & Group 3 | 2 pm
pittore March 14: He Who Seeks Shall Find!
Treasure hunt to discover Peggy's neighbourhood
peggy guggenheim collection and neighbourhood | Group 1, Group 2 & Group 3 | 3:30 pm

pittore April 11: Chef for a Day
Art and food workshop
In collaboration with The Westin Europa & Regina
the westin europa & regina, venice | Group 2

pittore May 16:To the Biennale!
Tour of the 56th International Art Exhibition
giardini of the biennale, venice | FROM 8 TO 17 YEARS OLD

How to participate

Activities are reserved to Members of the Peggy Guggenheim Collection (1 adult + 1 or 2 children under 18 years old). Family Card Members can participate with more than two of their children per adult.
Participants under 18 years old will be divided as follows

Group 1: up to 10 years oldGroup 2: 11-14 years oldGroup 3: 15-17 years old

Booking is available as of 15 days prior to the activity. To register send by e-mail or fax the participation form, that will be published on this page, together with the payment receipt or the credit card data. Limited availability.
Attendance fee: adults 5 euros, children under 18 years old 3 euros.

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