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For centuries, magic has been a source of inspiration for artists, who included mysterious and cabalistic symbols in their works. The interest can be found in the writings and late works of Salvador Dalí, or in Max Ernst’s technical experimentations, and in the subjects portrayed by Victor Brauner, Leonora Carrington or Leonor Fini, all artists represented in the Guggenheim collections. The BeMagic 2017-2018 program cosists of six workshops between October 2017 and March 2018. They will offer members of our Family Card membership level the opportunity to participate in extraordinary activities, both in the museum and in various locations around the city.

The Spell of Glass

The exclusive visit in a Murano furnace will reveal the antique artistic tradition of glassmaking and its alchemical essence, and explore the transformation of this material which fascinates both children and adults. After learning about the secrets of the production of contemporary glass works of art, a master glassmaker will give life to a collective drawing created during the workshop.

In collaboration with Fondazione Berengo

2 workshops lasting 2 hours each, one at 11am and one at 2pm.
For children aged 6 to 10.

Pure Alchemy. Potions and Magical Mixtures of the Apothecary

“Mandrake, hemlock juice, henbane seeds”: these are some of the ingredients that the 16th century pharmacopoeia suggested in order to cure the sick. We will "enter" an historical pharmacy in Ca’ Rezzonico, we will study antique alchemical recipes, and witness experiments and extraordinary phenomena before immersing ourselves in an exciting workshop during which many bizarre transformations will occur.

In collaboration with Fondazione Musei Civici, Venice
Workshop led by Pleiadi

2 workshops lasting 2 hours each, one at 11am and one at 3pm.
For children aged 6 to 10.

Marvelous Illusions

The term “illusion” denotes a trick of the senses or of the mind, a spell, an enchantment. In magic, the combination of prestige and ability allows the unimaginable to appear extraordinarily possible. With the help of a real magician, we will discover mysterious and hidden aspects of some Surrealist and Minimalist works of art, and learn the tricks of the trade through fun optical and magical illusions….to realize that nothing is as it may seem!

Workshop led by the magician Vito Lupo

2 workshopslasting 2 hours each, one at 11am and one at 3pm.
For children aged 6 to 10.

The Fantastic World of the Theatre

In the splendid Teatro Goldoni, children and their parents will be encouraged to participate and play on stage in a narrative of transformation through the imagination. Through the mise en scène, the costumes, the music, and the lights, we will transform into fantasy characters and become the protagonists of a great enchantment/spell.

In collaboration with the Teatro Stabile del Veneto - Teatro Nazionale.
Workshop led by Susi Danesin

2 workshops lasting 1 hour and a half each, one at 2pm and one at 4:45pm.
For children aged 6 to 10.

Camera Obscura: the Astonishment of Photography

“[...] These images are oxidized residues, fixed by light and chemical elements, of living organisms”: this is how the artist Man Ray defined his rayographs, photos created without the camera or “cameraless” photographs, as he called them. Through the process which captures the image by trapping light, the resulting photograph is in itself a marvelous spell! In this workshop, we will learn the secrets of photography, from the choice of subject to the developing stage!

In collaboration with ISOLAB, Centro di ricerca fotografica.
Workshop led by Elisa Vettori.

2 workshops lasting 2 hours each, one at 11am and one at 3pm.
For children aged 6 to 10.
Booking available as of Wednesday, February 14.

A Journey through Venice’s Magic and Mysteries

Alberto Toso Fei, traveller and journalist, author of numerous books on Venice and its mysteries, will take us on a journey to discover the history of the magical and enigmatic essence of Venice. The walking itinerary between Scuola Grande of San Marco and Campo della Bragora will allow us to discover the mythical and legendary symbols of the city.

Itinerary for families created by Alberto Toso Fei.

2 meetings lasting one hour and a half each, one at 3pm and one at 4:30pm.
For children aged 6 to 10.
Booking available as of Wednesday, March 14.

Workshops are for Peggy Guggenheim Collection Family Card members only.
Partecipation fee is 3 euros for children.

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