Alberto Giacometti

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Woman with Her Throat Cut (Femme égorgée), 1932 (cast 1940)
Bronze, 23.2 x 89 cm
Peggy Guggenheim Collection, Venice 76.2553 PG 131
© Alberto Giacometti Estate / by SIAE in Italy, 2014

In a group of works made between 1930 and 1933, Alberto Giacometti used the Surrealist techniques of shocking juxtaposition and the distortion and displacement of anatomical parts to express the fears and urges of the subconscious. The aggressiveness with which the human figure is treated in these fantasies of brutal erotic assault graphically conveys their content. The female, seen in horror and longing as both victim and victimizer of male sexuality, is often a crustacean or insectlike form. Woman with Her Throat Cut is a particularly vicious image: the body is splayed open, disemboweled, arched in a paroxysm of sex and death. Body parts are translated into schematic abstract forms. The memory of violence is frozen in the rigidity of rigor mortis. The psychological torment and the sadistic misogyny projected by this sculpture are in startling contrast to the serenity of other contemporaneous pieces by Giacometti, such as Woman Walking.

credits: Hangar Design Group