Antoni Tąpies

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Rag and String (Drap i cordill), 1968
Pigments, sand, rag, string on cardboard mounted on canvas, 108.5 x 75 cm
Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation, Hannelore B. and Rudolph B. Schulhof Collection, bequest of Hannelore B. Schulhof, 2012
© Fundació Antoni Tàpies, by SIAE 2012


From the early 1950s Tàpies explored materials of art making, mixing paint with impoverished matter, such as detritus or earth. Later, he incorporated ordinary found objects into his works, such as the rag and string here. In its simplicity and frontality this composition resembles a stained concrete wall, which might also allude to the mutilated public walls that Tàpies saw in his youth during the Spanish Civil War.

credits: Hangar Design Group