Robert Mangold

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4 Color Frame Painting #9, 1984
Acrylic and pencil on paper, 111.8 x 78.7 cm
Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation, Hannelore B. and Rudolph B. Schulhof Collection, bequest of Hannelore B. Schulhof, 2012
© Robert Mangold, by SIAE 2012

Devoid of any references, this painting focuses on the internal relationships between color, line and form. It was conceived while guided solely by the artist’s intuition, which also reveals itself through the slight distortion of the oval and imperfections in color application. Mangold’s visual language was likely inspired by Piet Mondrian’s compositions, which he admired when he worked as a guard at the Museum of Modern Art, New York, in the early 1960s.

credits: Hangar Design Group