Alberto Burri

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White B (Bianco B), 1965
Plastic, acrylic paint, vinavil, 'combustione' on cellotex, 151.1 x 151.1 cm
Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation, Hannelore B. and Rudolph B. Schulhof Collection, bequest of Hannelore B. Schulhof, 2012
Fondazione Palazzo Albizzini-Collezione Burri, Città di Castello © by SIAE 2012


Burri, a protagonist of Art Informel, experimented with unorthodox, humble and undervalued materials, and in the mid-1950s began burning his mediums, a process he referred to as combustione. Through this destructive act, Burri drew attention to the process of creation as well as the materiality and transience of his mediums. He challenged the flat nature of wall-mounted paintings and countered notions of elevated content and metaphor in traditional art. In White B Burri burned plastic, celebrating its physical properties in constructing the formal composition. Yet, through the unpredictability of the outcome of burning, the image gains an expressive and lyrical dimension. Burri explained that he hoped to capture the image of fire.

credits: Hangar Design Group