Giorgio Morandi

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Roses (Rose), 1917
Oil on canvas, 58 x 50 cm
Gianni Mattioli Collection
Long-term loan to the Peggy Guggenheim Collection, Venice
© Giorgio Morandi, by SIAE 2008

Painted in a year Giorgio Morandi worked relatively little and was gravely ill for a long period, it is difficult to escape the sensation that this relatively raw still life, with its harsher colors and broken forms, emanates from the artist's personal difficulties. Clearly Morandi has tackled a complexity of form in the little 19th century vase and the dense red rose buds (with their unnatural reddish leaves) that is absent from his paintings the previous year.
Morandiís source for centralized compositions of flowers in vases like this one has been traced to the Douanier Rousseau, and in particular to an illustration of a painting by Rousseau published by Libreria della Voce in 1914.

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