Gastone Novelli

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One of the Galleries of the Museum, 1960
Mixed media on canvas, 135 x 135 cm
Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation, Venice
Gift, Fondazione Araldi Guinetti, 2011.46
© Archivio Gastone Novelli

Gastone Novelli was a preeminent Italian artist of the 1950s and 60s, noted for his highly personal and poetic visual vocabulary. The major manifestation of his move beyond Informel aesthetics in 1960, as widely cited in the literature, was One of the Galleries of the Museum, a testamentary gift to the Peggy Guggenheim Collection by Giuseppina Araldi Guinetti. Here Novelli passed from earlier vigorous gestures to more uniform color relationships, organized in square shapes. The lyricism of Cy Twombly’s calligraphy and Paul Klee’s childlike visions were to Novelli vital influences. He returned to the basics of the creative process, as if plucking elements from primordial chaos. This evokes automatic writing in Surrealism and explorations of the unconscious in Tachisme.

credits: Hangar Design Group