Amédée Ozenfant

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Guitar and Bottles (Guitare et bouteilles), 1920
Oil on canvas, 80.5 x 99.8 cm
Peggy Guggenheim Collection, Venice 76.2553 PG 24
© Amédée Ozenfant, by SIAE 2008


The composition is informed by the Purist aesthetic as developed by Amédée Ozenfant and Le Corbusier in 1918. Drawing on pre-1914 Cubism, particularly the coolly rational interpretation of Juan Gris, they dismissed its subsequent evolution as too decorative and unordered. They felt that the chaos of the natural world should be dispelled by the organizing mechanisms of the human mind. This conviction became a moral imperative that Ozenfant and Le Corbusier attempted to uphold in their work. Ozenfant's resulting compositions are lucid and geometric but somewhat dry.

credits: Hangar Design Group