Roberto Sebastián Matta

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Untitled, 1939
Graphite and chalk on paper, 32.3 x 50 cm
Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation, Venice
Gift, Lynven Inc., 2013
© Roberto Sebastian Matta, by SIAE 2013

The Chilean Surrealist Matta called images such as this ‘psychological morphologies’ or ‘inscapes’, in which he made visible realities analogical to the world of his own psyche. The amorphous figures in this drawing have no specific identity. Matta was a life-long friend of Peggy Guggenheim, after their introduction in Paris in 1938. He assisted and advised Peggy with her museum-gallery Art of This Century in New York, and later visited her in Venice. Peggy exhibited works by Matta several times at Art of This Century in the 1940s.

credits: Hangar Design Group